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Pengyue Du

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Natural History Building 4052-C


I am a first-year PhD student and research assistant working with Dr. Atul Jain. My research focus on the interactions between climate and human activities such as land cover changes using climate model (ISAM) as well as Satellite data. 

Recent Publications

Du, P., Huang, Z., Tang, S., Dong, Q., Bi, J., Yu, X., & Gu, Q. (2023). Long-term variation of dust devils in East Asia during 1959–2021. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 128, e2022JD038013.

Huang, Z., Huang, J., Gu, Q., Du, P., Liang, H., Dong, Q. (2020). Optimal Temperature Zone for the Dispersal of COVID-19. Science of the Total Environment, 736, Article 139487. 

Huang, J., Zhang, L., Liu, X., Wei, Y., Liu, C., Lian, X., Huang, Z., Chou, J., Liu, X., Li, X., Yang, K., Wang, J., Liang, H., Gu, Q., Du, P., Zhang T. (2020). Global Prediction System for COVID-19 Pandemic. Science Bulletin, 65(22), 1884- 1887.