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A fundamental mission of the University of Illinois Department of Climate, Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences is to provide comprehensive educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students through direct participation in the advancement of our scientific understanding of the atmosphere.

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Our students get hands-on experience observing and modeling our earth system. Students in our department fly in research aircraft alongside severe thunderstorms, use our Doppler on Wheels radars and other instrumentation to investigate the structure of weather systems and simulate the atmosphere using cutting-edge models that will lead to future breakthroughs in our science. 

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Students in our graduate program undertake research that pushes the boundaries of our sciences, whether it be the latest in computer modeling or discovering new phenomena in the field. With a graduate degree in atmospheric sciences, students pursue various careers, including careers in national labs, academia, private industry, and more!

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Undergraduate Student Jake Vile

Meet Undergraduate Student Jake Vile

Where are you from?  Where were you before you joined CliMAS in Illinois? I grew up in a town just outside of Chicago called Wilmette, IL. Before joining CliMAS, I was in high school at New Trier. Not really that much exciting here… Tell us about what you’re wanting to focus on in your studies: In particular, I would like to focus on either tropical cyclones and/or severe weather. I know those are VERY broad subject matters each with differing sizes of scale, but honestly both of these meteorological phenomena fascinate me about...