Let “Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise” Help You in Your Research

Kelvin Droegemeier’s new book, “Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise” from MIT Press, helps next-generation scholars at all types of institutions prepare for a successful career.

Respected atmospheric scientist creates a new resource for scholars in all fields and positions.

Are you wanting to up your game in academic research?  Do you want to help shape the academic research enterprise?  Do you want to learn about key topics to help ensure your success far earlier than expected?  Then CliMAS Professor Kelvin Droegemeier’s new book is for you.  In “Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise,” recently released by MIT Press and published open access for free download on the Internet, the widely respected professor presents practical guidance to help you gain understanding of researcher roles, responsibilities, and opportunities in the context of your own scholarly program and personal circumstances. 

This book is relevant to anyone who is in or interacts with the academic research enterprise, including graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty members at all stages of their career, research administrators, funding organization program officers, and researchers at private and non-profit corporations.

Droegemeier is a professor of atmospheric science and special advisor to the Chancellor for Science and Policy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  From 2019-2021, he served as Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Science Advisor to the President.

As you read this important educational publication, Professor Droegemeier will expand your comprehension of the material and provide deep-dive exercises to help you learn more in-depth knowledge.  He uses the lessons he’s learned from his entire career to create an easy-to-read document that will empower you to achieve your own career goals more quickly.

“This new book is a fantastic resource for helping next-generation scholars gain a practical understanding of all facets of research and creative activity-knowledge that took me an entire career to acquire but which now is accessible to all in a single resource,” said Jeff Kelly, Corix Chair in Environmental Sustainability, and professor in biological sciences at the University of Oklahoma.

This must-have resource contains insights that apply to all disciplines, from arts and humanities to science and engineering.  You will benefit from the book whether you are an undergraduate student being exposed to research for the first time or a seasoned faculty member adjusting to changes in your field. Learn to harness your creative abilities and use them effectively while gaining perspective on the structure and workings of the research enterprise.

The book is particularly valuable for institutions with fewer resources, as it provides practical guidance and direction for obtaining assistance.  It’s also a great resource for student and post-doc mentoring plans that are now required by federal funding agencies. The book includes a facilitator’s guide for use if the book is part of a course. 

In conjunction with the publication and its associated facilitator guide, Professor Droegemeier is teaching a corresponding course at the University of Illinois, ATMS 491: “Foundations of Academic Research and Creative Activity” during Spring 2024.  Obtain a career’s worth of knowledge about the history, structure, and function of the academic research enterprise in a single course.  No prerequisites required.



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The book is available for US $40.00/$54.00 CAN in paperback.  You can also get open access by downloading the book by scanning the QR Code here:

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