Our Academic Advisor, Jessie Choate, welcomes you to learn more about the Department of Atmospheric Sciences major and minor. Schedule a meeting with our advisor here to learn more about the major, minor, elective courses, study abroad opportunities and more. Or feel free to email her at


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  • University of Illinois Academics: Home site for academic information
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    • Course Catalogue
    • Programs of Study

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Resources:

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Key Forms:

  • LAS Course substitution form: Used if another course will be substituted for a required course in the major.  Normally only two courses may be substituted over a student's academic career.  Form must be submitted to LAS office.  (Forms are kept in DAS office - not currently available online)
  • Statement of intent to minor form: Form used to declare a minor
  • Major Plan of Study Form: Used to plan out the courses a student will take during their time at the University.  Available at the Department Office.
  • LAS Change of Major form

Key Contacts:

  • LAS Student Academic Affairs Office:  333-1700
  • Ask any question and they will direct your call to the person who knows the answer.  Link provides numbers to all office staff.  Note that the Academic Records Officers (AROs) In the LAS Student affairs office are the ultimate authority on an individual LAS students academic record