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Gan Zhang

Assistant Professor


The group of Climate Modeling, Prediction, and Applications (C-MPA) is dedicated to climate modeling, prediction, and applications. We investigate climate risks involving physical phenomena (e.g., cyclones) and socioeconomic factors (e.g., energy transition). Our research emphasizes synergizing theoretical research in geophysical fluid dynamics with exciting development in observational capabilities, machine learning, and real-world applications.

Beyond the pursuit of research excellence, we believe in the importance of diverse thinking and fostering a collaborative environment. We encourage group members with solid foundational skills to explore fascinating subjects like data science, exo-climate, and economics studies. We firmly believe that a diverse range of interests and experiences enriches our scientific endeavors and fosters a well-rounded approach to problem-solving.





  • PhD in Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2018
  • M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2012
  • B.S. in Marine Meteorology, Ocean University of China, 2011

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Climate, Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
Office of Risk Management & Insurance Research (ORMIR) Faculty Fellow, Finance

Recent Publications

Qian, Y., Hsu, P. C., Murakami, H., Zhang, G., Wang, H., & Duan, M. (2024). Intraseasonal Variability of Anticyclonic Rossby Wave Breaking and Its Impact on Tropical Cyclone Activity over the Western North Pacific. Journal of Climate, 37(1), 179-197.

Li, Y., Xie, S. P., Lian, T., Zhang, G., Feng, J., Ma, J., Peng, Q., Wang, W., Hou, Y., & Li, X. (2023). Interannual Variability of Regional Hadley Circulation and El Niño Interaction. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(4), Article e2022GL102016.

Zhang, G. (2023). Warming-induced contraction of tropical convection delays and reduces tropical cyclone formation. Nature communications, 14(1), Article 6274.

Li, Y., Li, X., Xie, S. P., Zhang, G., Wang, Z., Wang, W., & Hou, Y. (2022). Regional Perspective of Hadley Circulation and Its Uncertainties Among Different Datasets: Spread in Reanalysis Datasets. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 127(24), Article e2022JD036940.

Xiang, B., Wang, B., Zhang, W., Harris, L., Delworth, T. L., Zhang, G., & Cooke, W. F. (2022). Subseasonal controls of U.S. landfalling tropical cyclones. npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 5(1), Article 66.

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